durban pelagic bird seasonality


Wandering Albatross Winter/Spring - Rare (R)
Shy Albatross Autumn (R), Winter/Spring best
Black-browed Albatross Winter/Spring
Grey-headed Albatross Winter/Spring (R)
Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross All year,  Autumn to Spring best
Southern Giant Petrel Winter
Pintado Petrel Winter/Spring
Great-winged Petrel All year, best Winter/Spring
Soft-plumaged Petrel Winter/Spring
Broad-billed (Antarctic) Prion Winter/Spring
Slender-billed Prion Winter/Spring (R)
White-chinned Petrel All year, best Autumn to Spring
Cory's Shearwater Late Summer/Autumn
Great Shearwater Autumn (R)
Flesh-footed Shearwater All year, best Autumn to late Winter
Sooty Shearwater Best Winter/Spring
Streaked Shearwater Late Winter/Spring (Very rare)
Mascarene Shearwater Once in Winter, maybe once in Autumn
European Storm Petrel Autumn
Leach's Storm Petrel Autumn
Wilson's Storm Petrel Autumn to Spring
White-bellied Storm Petrel Spring (R)
Black-bellied Storm Petrel Spring (R)
Brown Booby Once in Autumn
Arctic Skua Late Summer/Autumn
Long-tailed Skua Autumn (R)
Pomarine Skua Autumn
Subantarctic Skua Autumn to Spring, Winter /Spring best
South Polar Skua Autumn (R)
Sabine's Gull Once in Winter
Arctic Tern Autumn best
Antarctic Tern Late Winter best
Roseate Tern Once in Autumn
Black Tern Once in Autumn

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