bizarre birds photographic gallery

This gallery will consist of photos of birds with odd conditions, whether it be leucism, melanism, odd colour morphs, hybridisations or any other aberration which have been seen anywhere in Southern Africa. We will be continuing to update this gallery continuously, so please visit it again soon. If you should have any photos that fall into this category and would like to have them published here, please email them to us.

To view the larger images, please click on the thumbnails below.


Odd Korhaan

Partially leucistic Cape Wagtail

Partially leucistic Crowned Lapwing

Leucistic Cape Wagtail

Partially leucistic Dark-capped Bulbul

Partially leucistic Cape Siskin

Partially leucistic White-chinned Petrel

Leucistic Sabota Lark

Partially leucistic Fiscal Flycatcher

Leucistic Pale Chanting Goshawk

Odd Kelp Gull

Odd Montiero's Hornbill

Partially leucistic Bank Cormorant

Leucistic Dark-capped Bulbul

Odd African Hoopoe

Leucistic Common Moorhen

Partially leucistic Fork-tailed Drongo

Partially leucistic Purple-crested Turaco

Partially leucistic Curlew Sandpiper

Partially leucistic Dark-capped Bulbul

Leucistic Speckled Mousebird

Leucistic Red-billed Quelea

Leucistic Helmeted Guineafowl

Partially melanistic Cattle Egret

Partially leucistic Southern Carmine Bee-eater

Leucistic Malachite Sunbird

Leucistic Red-billed Quelea

Odd Red-billed Hornbill

Leucistic African Penguin

Odd Egyptian Goose

Partially leucistic White-chinned Petrel

Oddly patterned White-chinned Petrel

Partially leucistic Grey-backed Cisticola

Oddly coloured Sacred Ibis

Probable Hybrid Grey X Black-headed Heron

Hybrid Crested X Swainson's Francolin

Partially leucistic Dark-capped Bulbul

Partially melanistic Grey Heron

Leucistic Natal Francolin

Partially leucistic White-chinned Petrel

Partially leucistic Cape Wagtail

Partially leucistic Black Oystercatcher

Leucistic Grey Lourie

Partially leucistic White-chinned Petrel

Malachite Kingfisher

Leucistic Malachite Kingfisher

Shy Albatross

White backed Shy Albatross

Drakensberg Prinia

Leucistic Drakensberg Prinia

Common Tern

Odd Common Tern

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