We have put together a list of links to our favourite websites around the world. We hope you will find many of them useful and informative and we hope to continue adding to this list of links as we find more interesting websites.

African Bird Club Wide variety of information on African birding including articles from the ABC journal.
The Africa Guide Comprehensive guide to every country in Africa with detailed travel information, daily news headlines, books, maps, forums, superb photo library, hundreds of relevant links and a monthly newsletter.
Avian Demography Unit Information about ADU research projects and publications.
BirdLife South Africa The major bird conservation body in South Africa.
Bird Photos of Africa Peter Nilsson's collection of bird photos from his travels in Africa.
Cape Town Birding An informative site covering many aspects of birding in the Western Cape with some great photographic portfolios.
Kenya Birds Information on birds and birding in Kenya with great photos.
Percy FitzPatrick Institute  The major ornithological research institute in South Africa.
Southern African Birding Guy Gibbon's comprehensive site covering many aspects of Southern African birding.
South African West Coast Information on various aspects of the west coast including the local bird club.

global Information on backyard birding products.
Angus Wilson's Ocean Wanderers A comprehensive site covering pelagic birding around the world.
Bird Links to the World A huge collection of links to bird related sites around the world by Denis Lepage. Great site with information about birding hotspots around the world.
Charlie's Birding Blog A collection of Charlie Moore's travel reports with some great photos. Internet portal to bird travel and birding trip reports. Information on birding in every country of the world. Information on birding in the U.K. and U.S.A. including current news on rarities, ID articles and much more.
WorldTwitch John Wall's excellent collection of worldwide birding news and websites.

north america
Birding in Canada All you need to know about birding in Canada.
"Bird Guide" pelagic trips Information on pelagic birding in Oregon.
Kitchener Waterloo Field Naturalists Information on a Canadian nature group.
New England Seabirds Site about pelagic birding in the New England area.
Shearwater Journeys Pelagic trips in California.

south america
The Last Noah's Ark Brazilian site about ecology, environment, biodiversity, environmental education, animals, birds of Brazil, birding etc.

europe and the u.k. Up to date information on birding in Ireland.
Birds of Britain A monthly web magazine covering British birding.
Birds of Lauwersmeer Information on birding in the Lauwersmeer area of The Netherlands with up to date rarity information.
Cursorius Collection of stunning bird photos including recent Dutch rarities.
Dutch Birding Association A regularly updated site with information about birding in The Netherlands.

middle east
Birding Israel All you need to know about birding in Israel.

Broadbill A Japanese website with lots of information and photos of the local birds.

Birding New Zealand The New Zealand Birding Directory.
Directory of Australian Birdwatching Everything you needed to know about birding in Australia.
Forento New Zealand Information on birding in New Zealand.
Kimberley Birdwatching Birding in the Kimberley region of Australia.
New Zealand Birds Birds and birding in New Zealand.
Oceanwings New Zealand pelagic trips with some great photographs.
Ornithological Society of New Zealand Information about birds and birding in New Zealand.
Tony Palliser's Australian Pelagic Page Great site with information on Australian pelagic trips and superb photographs.

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